The ICEPRO ROLLERLINE rink is excellent for roller hockey, football and futsal both indoors and outside. It can be mounted into existing floor sockets; new sockets are not required in most cases. Mounting hardware and support structures are designed on a case-by-case basis, and quick-snap attachment options are also available. In addition to steel netting, arena shields can be built of polycarbonate elements or a soft fabric net.

The standard radius of the ICEPRO ROLLERLINE corner section is 7.65 metres, but it can be reduced down to 1.53 metres.

Board colours can be selected to match existing colour schemes and intended application (game rules permitting).

An advertising system is available as an option.

A storage and handling system that makes transporting and storing the dismantled ICEPRO ROLLERLINE rink elements easy is also available.

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