ICEPRO PLAYLINE is a general-purpose rink for recreational outdoor use. It is an excellent choice for schoolyards, parks and small sports facilities. 

The frame is made of hot-dip galvanized square-profile steel, while the outer shell is made of high density polyethene attached to the frame with stainless steel rivents. The rink can be equipped with anchored support feet or support feet weighed with concrete blocks. In the wintertime the rink can be turned into an ice skating area.

The height of the ICEPRO PLAYLINE rink's end boards is 1100 mm, while the height of the side boards is 550 mm. The standard rink has no service gates or player doors, but they can be added on request and positioned freely taking the element joints and spacing into account. The rink can be fitted with a multi-game floor or artificial turf. The end boards can be fitted with 1500 x 1000 mm goals, while the side boards can accommodate smaller 600 x 400 mm goals. Basketball hoops can also be installed to the end shields. The colour of the rink can be chosen to match existing colour schemes, and the outside surfaces can also be panelled upon request. Polycarbonate shields (shown in picture), steel mesh elements or textile nets are available as end shields.

The support structures of the ICEPRO PLAYLINE elements are planned on a case-by-case basis. Support feet weighed with concrete blocks or anchored to the ground are available. The rink is sturdy and can be used in outdoor conditions around the year. An ice skating area can be frozen inside the rink even without removing the artificial turf or the multi-game floor.

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