ICEPRO SKATELINE is a strong and sturdy dasher board solution for outdoor rinks. Thanks to its reinforced frame, the rink is highly durable and ideal for heavy ice hockey use. The frame is made of hot-dip galvanized square-profile steel. Dasher boards can be made of high density polyethene or GRP plywood according to the customer's wishes. The railings and kick plates are made of high density polyethene.

The side boards, railings and kick plates are attached to the frame with stainless steel rivets. The rink is fitted with support feet that can be anchored to the ground, frozen to the ice or weighed using concrete blocks.

The height of the ICEPRO SKATELINE dasher board elements is 1100 mm or 1250 mm. Service gates and player doors are made on case-by-case basis and can be positioned freely (taking element joints and spacing into account).

The ICEPRO SKATELINE rink can be equipped with side and end shields supported by aluminium beams. Shield materials available include acrylic plastic, polycarbonate, toughened glass and steel mesh.

The end shields of the ICEPRO SKATELINE rink can be fitted with a tall safety net to protect nearby buildings, roads and people.

The structure consists of vertical metal supports and a textile net attached to them. Its wind load and weight are lower than those of a steel mesh structure.

The solution may in many cases save costs when no expensive fence structures that require earth moving and foundation works are required.

The ICEPRO SKATELINE rink is used in many attractive outdoor ice skating and ice hockey rinks. Thanks to its versatile mounting options it can be used in challenging installations and in sites with special appearance requirements.

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