ICEPRO SUPERLINE is a safe and flexible next-generation dasher board solution that requires no vertical supports for arena shields. The flexible profile-based frame of the ICEPRO SUPERLINE dasher board solution has proved to be an excellent choice in, for exaple, Hartwall Arena, a premiere multi-purpose arena, where it has been used successfully for several years. The elements now come with a light yet sturdy steel top profile for mounting side and end boards without vertical supports.




  • End and side shields that require no vertical support beams provide unobstructed view to the ice. Material: premium-quality 15 mm acrylic plastic toughened on both sides.
  • Flexible curved safety elements in shield ends.
  • Symmetrically flexible profile-based frame with optimised vertical profiles and horizontal braces.
  • Flexible high-safety structure that complies with the new recommendations and specifications.
  • Guide parts between elements; 2 guides per joint. The guides and the elements can be detached and removed at any point.
  • Thermal isolation in joints between elements to reduce condensation.
  • In the standard version the elements are bolt-mounted.
  • Quick-mount brackets are available as an option. Each joint has two brackets.
  • The quick-mount brackets are also available as a retrofit option.
  • Guide parts between the ice dam (perimeter beam) and the board elements make installation a snap and prevent the boards from shifting on top of the ice dam.
  • Thermal insulation of the ice dam ensures the ice
    stays hard also near the boards.
  • Guide parts in the joints between the ice dam elements make installation fast and easy and keep the ice dam securely in place.
  • An advertisement shield system that attaches to the rear surface of the dasher board elements is available as an option.


The rear panel of the SUPERLINE boards can extend down to the floor or ground, or can be left open near the base (see picture) to make installation or dismantling easier.


All details of the ICEPRO SUPERLINE rink are finished, safe and user-friendly. The latches of the player doors are laser-cut stainless steel. The handle, made of composite material, is pleasant to use to both with the glove and a bare hand.

The boxes are fitted closely to the boards, eliminating crevices that accumulate dirt and litter.


In multi-purpose arenas installing and dismantling the rink must be fast and easy. The brackets integrated to the SUPERLINE dasher board elements enable them to be installed and dismantled completely or in part quickly and easily.

The SUPERLINE rink is also highly versatile. It can be altered and customised by selecting the components, structure options and features that are best for the intended use and the arena.

The guide components integrated to the ICEPRO ice dam prevent the boards from sliding on top of the ice dam. They also make installation faster as the board elements always snap into place.

Each board element corresponds to a matching ice dam element of the same length. The ice dam can be installed as required to surround the entire rink or only a part of it. The system can also be customised in terms of dimensions, anchoring and positioning.

The ICEPRO ice dam is thermally insulated. Its standard height is 60 mm.

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