ICEPRO goal acessories

4000012 Changeable insert for ICEPEG - Stainless steel. Prevents damages of cast-in anchor while drilling the hole to ice. 
4060004 ICEPEG 20/100 PRO - Flexible goal anchor. Fits to game and training goals. For official games. 
Fits to game and training goals. For official games.
4060007 ICEPEG 20/100 PREMIUM - Flexible goal anchor with guiding top part and changeable flexing part.
M000008 Changeable flexing part for 4060007 (not shown in picture).
4000013 Drill-in socket for existing concrete slab - For ICEPEGs, attachment with epoxy to concrete, made of stainless steel 
4060005 ICEPEG 20/30 goal anchor - for Game and Training Goal. Ice does not form on to anchor's surface. Same hole diameter as for flexible anchors.
ICEPEG 12Fe/30 goal anchor pin - for Game and Training Goal. Sturdy polyacetal frame with 12mm steelpin.
4000011 Profile socket for flexible anchors - Ready-to-install to new concrete slab betonilaattaan or stone ash field. Adjustable height.
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