IceCap ice rink cover/floor tile

IceCap® floor tiles enable any ice rink to be converted into a dry area for other events quickly and easily. The patented IceCap® composite tiles have been used since 1997 in multi-purpose arenas around the world.

IceCap® is a multi-purpose floor material made of compressed glass fibre reinforced polyurethane foam that enables ice arenas to be converted to event venues quickly and easily. IceCap® tiles enable a small team to cover a large ice rink quickly. The tiles can be left in place for several days without the risk of them freezing to the ice. The patented waffle pattern of the bottom surface is designed to keep cold air under the floor and has excellent insulation properties. Despite its lightness, the material is very durable and has excellent load capacity and long service life even in demanding environments.


  • Material: glass fibre reinforced polyurethane
  • Standard tile dimensions: 122 x 244 cm, 152 x 244 cm. Other sizes available on request.
  • The patented waffle pattern keeps cold air in compartments beneath the tile.
  • Easy to install, remove, clean and store to wait for the next element.
  • Light and easy to handle.
  • Good impact resistance.
  • Very good resistance to wear.
  • Sealed composite surface absorbs no fluids or chemicals.
  • No crimping, crumbling or tearing.
  • Can be driven over with forklift or truck without breaking the tile.
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