We supply shooting practice pads and ranges with plywood and synthetic ice surface and for installation on ice. 

The practice pads can be fitted with high safety walls or equipped with glass, polycarbonate, acrylic plastic or polyethene shields or fabric or armoured netting. Indoor shooting practice ranges are additionally covered with a ceiling net.

Shooting pratice ranges can be installed with freely standing support feet weighed using concrete blocks, or can be anchored to the floor using various methods.

Example dimensions include 6 x 7.5 m, 6 x 9 m and 9 x 12 m, but other sizes can be built as required. For outdoor use the so-called "vandal proof" steel mesh nets and goal bases are recommended.

Example of an outdoor (summer) shooting practice range:

  • Sides 6x9m
  • Protective steel mesh nets
  • Plywood floor with steel frame
  • Goal bases
  • Replaceable shooting pad made of high density polyethene (HDPE)
  • A box of ICEPRO pucks


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